About Us


Moroccan Poufs is brand owned and operated by MarBazaar SARL AU - a company under Moroccan law located at: 3 eme etage 303 mhamid 4, Marrakech, 40000 in Morocco.

Our brand is dedicated to handmade leather ottoman poufs and home decor in general. We're dedicated to giving you the best high Quality Poufs, that are guaranteed to meet their needs and keep them satisfied! We have dedicated staffs and strategic partners who help us research and create the products that bring the most value to our customers.



Founders Zakaria was born and raised in Morocco, surrounded by beautiful traditionally-handcrafted leather goods that they grew to love. After both living in the US later in life, they realized that these Moroccan leather goods, had global appeal and personality that upgrades almost any home decor. 

Produced by local artisans using designs learned through their Moroccan heritage. Most of these Artisan are located around at the heart of Mrrakech City in Morocco, one of Moroccan top tourist spots.

The leather used is carefully hand crafted using traditional ancient technics, taking about three day for an artisans to produce a Pouf. This yields an extremely high quality material, through which an average poverty-stricken household is able to potentially double their income. 



If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at :

Email: contact@moroccanpoufs.com

Phone: +212-663417566

Address: 3 eme etage 303 mhamid 4, Marrakech, 40000. Morocco.